Training Programs

Inclusive Leadership

In this 2- to 3.5-hour interactive workshop, participants become more energized, aware, and confident in their ability to build more inclusion at work by learning and applying the Six C’s of Inclusive Leadership (Collaboration, Cognizance, Curiosity, Cultural Competence, Courage, and Commitment)  as developed by Deloitte Australia. 

Addressing Microbehaviors

Microaggressions are only one part of the equation. This 2- to 2.5-hour instructor-led workshop explores how microbehaviors can lead to a climate of mistrust and exclusion that negatively impacts individual and organizational performance.  Participants will practice communication strategies to repair as well as prevent any harm that might occur from these exchanges and discover their own way to contribute to a strong and inclusive organizational culture.

Mitigating Unconscious Bias

In this 2- to 3-hour interactive workshop, participants will explore the power of the unconscious mind.  We will look at the social, neuro and cognitive science research behind bias:  why and how it happens, and what we can do to assure that we are not being driven by unconscious beliefs and patterns that hinder a truly inclusive and equitable workplace.

Compassionate Leadership During Turbulent Times

Smart leaders need to manage a workforce triggered by an increasingly unpredictable world. Consistent stress can become chronic and lead to anxiety and depression which decreases our ability to be resourceful, open, and logical.  And while you cannot control what is unpredictable, you can create a predictable culture of connection that will help people survive and be productive in these difficult times. In this 2-hour interactive workshop, participants will learn how the brain reacts under stress, how our backgrounds impact our reactions, then how to build on their strengths to apply 7 Compassionate Leadership Strategies to their teams.

Cultivating Inclusion in the Workplace

Using creative techniques during this 2- to 3-hour interactive workshop, participants will explore how barriers to inclusion such as unconscious bias and privilege can contaminate our work environment and create a climate of mistrust and exclusion. Best practices show that when employees are feeling seen, heard, valued, and connected to each other, both morale and job performance increase.

Culturally Conscious & Caring Customer Service

Studies in human behavior show that all people are hardwired to have bias. In this session, we will explore how our cultural frame of reference sets the context for the biases that shape how we interact with others. During this energetic and creative learning lab we will practice ways to best serve a diverse customer base with culturally conscious and caring customer service skills. Session length is 2 hours.

Explore Your Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Journey

In this 2- to 3-hour workshop, participants put to life the significant events and/or people that have influenced them and how these issues currently show up in their lives and impact their sense of freedom.  Participants leave being better equipped to recognize when their racial frame with its sense of values, expectations, and safety responses is serving or not serving how they want to operate in the world.

Mentoring Across Difference

 This interactive workshop introduces participants to the PAR method of mentoring an individual with a different background.  We use creative methods to explore the impact of power, advancement, and relationship in mentoring, to consider strategies for protégés, and to develop personal actions to build their PAR muscles. Session length is 2 hours.

Digital Supplemental Learning


Purposeful Creativity MethodsSM meets technology!  Through this supplement to our training programs, participants will reinforce the program’s major concepts while doing an interactive deeper dive into specific subject areas using messaging apps on their phones.  In just 5 minutes a day, participants will build deeper insight and skills via SMS, WhatsApp, Slack, Teams, or email over a predetermined period after the training program has concluded.

Playback Theatre

TownHall Playback Theatre Experience

In a 2- to 3-hour Playback Theatre Experience, people learn how to effectively collaborate by deeply understanding each other’s point of view through telling and listening to each other’s real-life stories. Playback Builds Community (click for video of how Playback works). It is highly effective in eliminating the “us-them” mentality that separates people along lines of race, class, ethnicity, and background and is therefore a critical component in building insight, collaboration, and innovation. During a Playback virtual performance, someone tells a story from the group about their life and then chooses cast members to play the significant characters in the story. The conductor guides the ‘teller’ through the storytelling process. After the story is told, it is immediately recreated and given artistic shape and coherence by a cast of seasoned actors and musicians.

Stepping into My Shoes- Playback Workshop

Although not an acting workshop, this 1.5- to 3-hour method uses right-brain methods to help participants sort through some of the feelings and thoughts, truths, and mysteries of their professional and personal lives on the road to developing successful living strategies. Participants will activate their intuition for reading others, unleash their creative impulses for finding innovative strategies, practice being their authentic selves in all situations, and strengthen their ability to adapt to unpredictable circumstances.

Strategic Consultation

We work with clients where they are on their Diversity Journey. Whether it is partnering with your executives, strengthening your strategic plan or invigorating your Diversity Council, we lock hands with you to build sustainable solutions. 

Focus Groups

To better understand the current state of DEIA in the organization, and to inform the customization of specialized sessions or larger program rollouts, we recommend gathering qualitative data through focus groups.  For the most effective engagement, focus groups are limited to 10 people and last 90 minutes. We work with the organization’s DEIA team to structure groups according to various demographics such as ethnicity, race, gender, sexual orientation, career level, etc.

Community Strategy Lab

We compile data from the focus groups, surveys, and other sources and work with key stakeholders over two half-day sessions to create more alignment, passion, and commitment for your organization’s DEIA focus.  Stakeholder groups will work collaboratively to identify the top pressing concerns, objectives, goals, and strategies the organization should undertake.

Instructional Design

Looking for ways to make your trainings stand out?  We will collaborate with you to bring a little creative sizzle to any learning objective.