Dailey Innovations is rooted in the use of The PCM WaySM to cultivate group experiences that are transformational. People enter these learning experiences with fear, lack of insight, judgement, and bias. They exit with clarity, compassion, and new and refreshed skills. Breakthrough happens as insight, compassion, and connection are fostered within and between participants.

Music, theater, and the creative arts pull down walls, allowing us to see what connects us and to envision new solutions. In our learning experiences, stories leapfrog technology by acknowledging authentic human experience despite the virtual space. Organizations looking for innovative ways to equip their people to solve problems will appreciate our dynamic and engaging sessions.

PCMs are:

  • Purposeful because they strengthen a sense of common humanity.      
  • Creative because they spark original and new ways for people to relate to themselves and others. 
  • Methods because they are based on solid theoretical foundations.

Read these testimonials to understand how Purposeful Creativity MethodsSM impact our participants.