Testimonials from our Clients

“The team at Dailey Innovations was instrumental in helping develop a customized training for our customer facing employees, with a very short turnaround timeframe.  Through careful listening and a truly collaborative approach, they created an immersive, informative and meaningful program for our staff. I look forward to being able to work with them again for more in depth content for our organization.”

– Jennifer Alexander, Acting Director, Human Resources, Smithsonian Enterprises

“The Playback Theater was a phenomenal experience! I had heard great reviews from other colleagues but nothing compares to the experience. It was a very moving experience that allowed me to feel closer and connected to my colleagues. I was able to relate to so many of the situations shared during the activity and empathize with others. As a team, it allowed us to get to know each other at a deeper and more personal level.”

Fernanda Ruiz, MSW Home Visiting Director, Mary’s Center

“Kimberly Dailey and her team’s approach to unconscious bias training is truly exceptional. Their unique and interactive approach to such a sensitive topic is highly effective, and their professionalism and ability to spark thought among employees at all levels is truly commendable. I recently attended their webinar, which was the most engaging webinar I have ever experienced. I highly recommend Dailey Innovations, Inc. to any organization looking to address important topics such as unconscious bias.”

– Christina Ruiz, Manager, Learning & Development, Langan

Training Program Participant Testimonials

“It was a different approach to what I have seen bias training be in the past. This is a sensitive topic; it was presented in a non-threatening and positive manner.”

“I wish our entire country could sit in a room with [the training facilitators]. Our world would be a kinder place. I had zero expectations and enjoyed every moment. I can’t believe it was only two hours. I wish it was a requirement for all faculty/professors at the college to take this workshop. It would really help the students… Thank you for doing this amazing work. Your positive energy was infectious.”

“[The training] raised awareness of biases individuals hold, which fostered a deeper understanding of the impact in the workplace. I really enjoyed the hands-on approach to this training. The visuals, ice breakers, and role playing really added great value.”

“We’ve had years of training on DEI and this was the best presentation I’ve seen. Very engaging.”

Playback TownHall Experience Testimonials

“Magnificent and innovative experience of connecting with other peoples.”

“[This training] was great for me… it help[ed] me to understand some feelings that I am going through.”

“My experience was beyond my expectations. I loved it!”