In a Playback Theatre Experience, an existing Dailey Innovations offering, people learn how to effectively collaborate by deeply understanding each other’s point of view through telling and listening to each other’s real-life stories. Playback Townhall Experience (see video below). It is highly effective in eliminating the “us-them” mentality that separates people along lines of race, class, ethnicity, and background and is therefore a critical component in building insight, collaboration, and innovation. During a Playback virtual or live performance, someone tells a story from the group about their life and then chooses cast members to play the significant characters in the story. The conductor guides the ‘teller’ through the storytelling process. After the story is told, it is immediately recreated and given artistic shape and coherence by a cast of seasoned actors and musicians. View the second video below for another great example of Playback Theatre from the Melbourne Playback Theatre Company.