Lucky Moeketsi brings a master’s degree in Applied Drama & Theatre to Drama For Life! Playback and has experience choreographing movement/dance pieces in addition to their skills in acting. Lucky hopes to gain more knowledge about Playback Theatre and have the opportunity to connect with other creatives during IPTN. 

Kabelo Mokgehle has a bachelor’s degree in Acting, an honors degree in Drama Therapy, a certification in Introduction to Playback Theatre, and a post-graduate diploma in Applied Drama and Theatre. Kabelo is eager for IPTN as it is happening in South Africa for the first time! They believe that this will be a great opportunity to learn from everyone in the field and gain experience.

Nomfundo Ncanana holds many roles in the drama and theatre space: practitioner, facilitator, performer, playbacker, mentor, and writer. Nomfundo is hoping to gain experiences from the different people in attendance at IPTN. They are eager to learn more about other cultures and grow in their capacity and skills as an activist.

Nina Neubauer brings a master’s degree in teaching, a bachelor’s degree in German, and an honors degree in Drama Therapy. Nina is a member of Nidize Ndize Playback in addition to their role with Drama for Life! They are excited to see how others use playback theatre and apply it to different contexts and to use it for healing and building community. Nina notes that they are German born and speak German fluently.

Mahlubadile Nontlanga, PhD candidate, is eager to participate in IPTN 2023 as a citizen of South Africa. Attending this conference will provide them with a greater in depth understanding of the role playback theatre has on the larger society. Mahlubadile states that they are an open book.

Mandisi Sindo labels themselves as an ‘artivist’ and is involved in many roles within the theare community. Mandisi is a theatre maker, playback theatre practitioner, member of Wits University Playback theatre team under the Koko Mental Health project, and a Shack Theatre innovator, originator, and creator. Participating in IPTN 2023 means a lot to them and their developing career as a playback theatre practitioner and performer. They hope to network with practitioners from all over the world and learn new skills. Mandisi notes that they are one of the South African Heroes recipients for their innovation of alternative art spaces in marginalized communities. 

Nolwazi Zaca is studying Applied Drama and Theatre in Education. They are excited for the opportunity to see how performers in other countries approach playback theatre. 

Albert Zitha is an applied drama and theatre practitioner, playback theater practitioner, listening hour practitioner, theatre maker, arts facilitator, an ‘artspreneur’, musician, conductor, and a tutor. They are passionate about merging academics and arts in community theatre and they look forward to gaining deeper knowledge of playback during IPTN 2023. 

Khanyisile Zwane is an Applied Drama and Theatre practitioner, performer, facilitator, Listening Hour Guide, and a project manager. They write and direct short children’s plays for the National Children’s Theatre drama workshop and are really looking forward to learning more about how they can make playback theatre more accessible for marginalized groups.